Employees are your biggest resource. As a 5x AACE ESOP Award Winner ourselves, we can help you recruit and retain your employee owners through short impactful videos.

Help your employees take pride in ownership

Here’s the deal – your employees can’t understand the benefits of ownership if you don’t invest the time and money to shout it from the mountaintops.

That’s why we’ve created Employee Owner University, an online video platform designed to answer the most common ESOP questions like, what is an ESOP? or how does vesting work?

As a 100% employee-owned company ourselves, we understand the challenges that employees face, so we’ll show you how to best position your company and culture.

A Quick Look At Our ESOP Videos

What Is Employee Ownership?

Selling Your Shares

How Vesting Works


Reading Your Certificate

How Is My Distribution Paid?

We’ll Let The Content Speak For Itself.

Who doesn’t like something that’s free, right!? Your trial will include access to training videos, study docs and exams.

So what are you waiting for? Just fill in a few blanks and enjoy! You won’t be disappointed.

Tell Your Own ESOP Story Through Video

Culture is everything within employee owned companies and sometimes you just need a more efficient way of delivering your message. That’s where custom content comes into play. You’ll work one-on-one with our project coordinators through the entire video course creation process. From the graphics and design to study documents and testing… allow us to help.

Courseware Creation Process

  • Training Needs Review
  • Curricula Organization
  • Script Editing & Creation of Custom Graphics
  • Final Review of Graphics / Scripting
  • Subject Matter Expert / Talent Scheduling
  • Video Production & Delivery

Lets Talk About YOUR ESOP

Let’s connect! Schedule an appointment to discuss your ESOP and discover how we can enhance your company’s image and culture together.

You’re In Good Company

Employee Owner University is powered by P1 Learning (a subsidiary of Eagle Communications), who has been a leader in online learning space since 2007. And just like you, we’re 100% employee-owned. We find that ownership motivates our employee-owners to do and be their best. And we believe that you deserve nothing less.

Employee Owner University was hatched internally in 2021. Why? Because we know what it’s like to explain the in’s and out’s of employee ownership while also focusing on the well-being of our employees physically, mentally, and financially.

So whether you’re a small business consisting of just a few individuals or looking for an entire corporation, you need an all-in-one training program that pinpoints your needs… wherever you or your employee owners are.

Looking For Additional Topics?
We’ve Got You Covered.

Sales Skills

Learn how to address the client’s underlying need, expand your skillsets, and improve your presentation style.

Health & Wellness

Maintaining your physical and mental health is important to keep you functioning at your best.


Set values, direction and performance expectations to increase satisfaction and company profitability.


Assure a safe and healthful working environment for you and all of your employee-owners.

Customer Service

Create meaningful conversation, become an effective listener, and learn how to master non-verbal skills.

HR Compliance

Learn how to legally “stay within the lines” and avoid the key problems of workplace compliance.

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